Do you ever wish you could be more assertive?
That you could use your voice to say what you’re thinking or feeling?
That you could speak up more often and share your wants, needs, and desires with others?
That you knew how to say things in a way that people would hear and respect?
That you could express yourself openly without people ignoring or dismissing you?
That you could stand up for yourself in a way that was both clear and respected?
That you could say what you’re thinking without coming across as rude or insensitive?
If you’ve ever thought or felt any of these things, you are in the exact right place.
You have a voice. You have thoughts, ideas, opinions, preferences, and a say that needs to be expressed. For the sake of both your relationship with yourself and with others. For your peace and well-being. For your sense of personal empowerment. To feel good about who you are.
We all deserve to speak and feel heard. And in this course, I am going to teach you how.
But first I want to know specifically what your biggest fears, setbacks, or hesitations are around being assertive.
As a therapist and trained communication expert, I teach people how to communicate effectively. I teach people how to find and use their voice. And I can’t wait to help and teach you!
So this is how we’re going to make sure you get the MOST out of your time and investment in this course.
Before we start this course, I want to hear what your specific assertiveness struggles, questions or issues are.
How Speak and Feel Heard is going to work:
  1. After you register for the course, you are going to get access to our private Speak and Feel Heard Facebook group.
  2. One week after course registration closes, you will have the opportunity to voice and share what you want to get out of the course and what you want to learn about being more assertive in the Facebook Group.
  3. Once I have taken in everyone’s input, I am going to fine tune the course to meet the overall needs of the group.
  4. Then we will all meet for two 75-minute live video sessions where I will teach you how to Speak and Feel Heard. You will also be sent the video recording of each call in case you can’t make it live. And you will also get to keep that recording so you can listen and re-listen to it as often as you like.
Thanks for your interest, course registration is now closed. Please join the wait list to be the first to hear about the next session.
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